Putting a Lid on ISIS: US Bombs Islamic State Cash Reserves

The United States destroyed “millions” of dollars of currency being used by the Islamic State to pay its soldiers in an airstrike on ISIS-held Mosul, in northern Iraq.

The U.S. Air Force dropped two 2,000 pound bombs on a building in Mosul and destroyed it. Officials identified the site as a “cash collection and distribution point” and hit the site at dawn to minimize civilian casualties.

It is estimated five to seven people were killed. The U.S. reportedly regarded anything less than 50 civilian casualties as acceptable collateral damage for this mission.

Washington will continue to target ISIS financial targets in order to degrade the self-proclaimed Caliphate’s attempts at becoming a state. The U.S. has already started targeting Islamic State oil trucks.

In so doing America hopes to undermine the foundations of the state and cause the organization’s collapse due to inability to pay its bills.

For more information about the Islamic State and the economics underpinning its would-be-caliphate, please see Clarion Project’s Special Report: The Islamic State (ISIS, ISIL)

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