Bazooka, Weapons Cache Found in Paris ‘No-Go’ Zone

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An American anti-tank weapon
An American anti-tank weapon (Photo: video screenshot)

An American-made anti-tank bazooka, along with other weapons, was found in the Paris suburb Seine-Saint-Denis by French police, Breitbart reported.

The weapons cache is most likely connected to organized crime in the neighborhood, which is known as a “no-go zone” for its fluid relationship between crime, drugs and radical Islam.

Police were successful in finding the owners of the weapons, a cache which included explosives, sawed-off shotguns, shells and ammunition and police equipment.

They believe the bazooka was intended for use against an armored vehicle.

The raid followed a recent incident in the area in which a police officer was attacked by a group of 30 young people, who stole his stun gun and LBD40 rifle (used for firing non-lethal ammunition).

A year ago, a film crew making a documentary about Islam in France was violently attacked in the suburb by a gang described as “Salafists and drug dealers,” forcing them to abandon the shoot and leave the area.

The documentary sought to provide a platform for Muslims to denounce the extremists who are preventing what is termed as a true French Islam.

Earlier that year, the parents of a local 23-year old who had been killed fighting in Syria accused the mayor of turning a blind eye to Islamic State recruitment of jihadists in Seine-Saint-Denis.



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