UK Muslim Man: I’m Afraid to Speak Out Against Islamists

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A Muslim caller to a leading British radio talk show admitted on air he and his friends are afraid to speak out against Islamists because of the likely backlash from their community.

Identified only as “Julian from Mile End in London,” the caller made the following comments on LBC’s Katie Hopkins’ breakfast program on March 26 just days after a deadly terror attack outside Parliament:

I know a lot of friends who want to say these things [against Islamists] but they’re just so scared of the community and what people will think about them and if we even say something against Islam we are frightened because we’ll get judged by the community.

We are the new generation. We would like to be free. We would like to be more modern. I don’t think it’s the day and the age to cover your face and walk on the street. As a British Muslim, I look at someone who covers their face and I feel unsafe.

It’s very tough for me to make this call at all. I was really scared but I did it because I really need to get it off my chest. And there are many Muslims out there who have the same opinion.

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