UK Female Sharia Judge: Muslims Have Right to Polygamy

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Britain’s first female sharia judge said the UK government has no right to prohibit Islamic polygamy.

Amra Bone said “the government cannot ask Muslims not to have more than one wife. People have a right to decide for themselves.”

According to The Times some 100,000 Muslims in the UK are currently married under sharia marriages not recognized by UK law. Many of these marriages are polygamous.

The growth in sharia marriages is being driven by people under 30, part of a new generation which is more religious than their parents.

Under sharia marriages, not recognized by the British state, women have none of the protections afforded to women under British law. Critically, this means they have no rights to any division of assets in the case of a divorce.

Earlier this year a report found that Muslim women across Britain were systematically oppressed, abused and discriminated against by sharia law courts that treated women as second-class citizens. The 40-page report by Baronness Cox, a leading human rights campaigner, found women were pressured by their communities to use sharia courts rather than civil courts and were threatened and intimidated if they did not comply.

The report, entitled A Parallel World: Confronting the Abuse of Many Muslim Women in Britain Today, took testimony from more than a dozen women who suffered abuse at the hands of UK sharia courts. Police officers who do not understand the cultural factors at play frequently cooperate with the sharia courts and betray the girls to their abusive families.

One woman said “I feel betrayed by Britain. I came here to get away from this and the situation is worse here than in the country I escaped from.”

Meanwhile in the UK, non-violent Islamists are attempting to use mistrust between police and communities to eradicate any sense of British identity among the Muslim population. The undercover video below, filmed for the BBC, shows an Islamist lawyer and Hizb ut-Tahrir member, Ibtihal Bsis, telling a group of Muslim women the Islamic State is merely a pretext for demonization of Muslims by the UK government. She told her audience the UK government wants to prevent Muslims from expressing their Islamic identities, thus fueling the “us vs them” narrative on which extremism is predicated.

These claims deny the reality of Islamic State recruitment among British Muslims. A family of 12 just confirmed they left the UK and are now living in the Islamic State. 

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