UAE Woman, 30, Wins Right to Marry Love of Her Life

A 30-year-old woman in the United Arab Emirates was forced to go to court to win the right to marry the man of her choice.

The woman appealed to the courts after her father, who is her legal guardian and must approve whom she marries – nixed the man of her choice saying he did not fit the family’s social stature.

After trying to convince her father that the man, whom she had met at work, was of good character and well educated, she filed a case in court to get married without obtaining her father's permission.

The court ruled in her favor and ordered a judge from the Sharia Court to be her guardian and facilitate the marriage.

However, the woman’s father appealed the case in a higher court which overturned the initial ruling. The woman then took the case to the UAE’s highest court, which upheld the initial ruling,  allowing the woman to finally marry the love of her life.

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