Two US Volunteers Killed Fighting ISIS in Raqqa

Robert Grodt (L) and Nicholas Warden
Robert Grodt (L) and Nicholas Warden (Photos: Video screenshots)

Two Americans were killed fighting for a Kurdish militia in the battle take back Raqqa from Islamic State (ISIS).

Quoting officials from the YPG (People’s Protection Units), Associated Press reported Army veteran Nicolas Alan Warden, 29, of Buffalo, New York and Robert Grodt, 28, from New York, were killed in the terror group’s de facto capital in Syria. Both were volunteers.

In a video released by the YPG, Warden said he was motivated to fight ISIS alongside the Kurds after the ISIS terrorist attacks in San Bernadino, Orlando and Nice.

Grodt also explained his reasons for joining the YPG in a video released just two weeks ago. He leaves behind a child as well as his partner, Kaylee Dedrick.

U.S. special forces are also fighting with the YPG, which is part of the Syrian Democratic Forces. The forces have taken one-third of Raqqa so far.


Meira Svirsky
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