Did the Muslim Brotherhood Kill Top Egyptian Prosecutor?

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Egypt’s lead prosecutor Hisham Barakat was killed in a car bomb attack on his motorcade June 29. The 65 year old died of his wounds in hospital.

Several others were wounded in the attack.

He is the most senior official in the Egyptian government to have been killed since the popularly backed coup in 2013. As attorney general he brought to trial thousands of Islamists, dozens of senior Muslim Brotherhood members as part of the new government’s crackdown on the now outlawed Islamist group. Many of those have been sentenced to death.

A group calling itself the Popular Resistance in Giza claimed responsibility for the attack on its Facebook page, but later took the post down. That Facebook page has since disappeared from Facebook.

Egyptian media reports that the Popular Resistance in Giza is the military wing of the Muslim Brotherhood.

An unnamed local resident told CBC “We feel like we’re living in a time of war – like we can’t take our kids out. We thought everything was supposed to be safe now.”

Meanwhile, on the same day, the Islamic State released a video of an earlier attack on Egyptian judges.

The clip opens with Quranic verses being sung and images of various Egyptian judges and deposed Egyptian President Muhammed Morsi.

It then goes on to show the drive by shooting of an Egyptian judge

For more information on the Muslim Brotherhood take a look at our factsheet.

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