Top Iranian General: Nuclear Inspectors Will Not be Permitted

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The deputy head of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps categorically rejected any international inspectors on any Iranian military bases as part of the nuclear deal.

Brigadier-General Hossein Salami told Iran’s state-run Press TV “They will not even be permitted to inspect the most normal military site in their dreams.”

“Visiting a military base by a foreign inspector would mean the occupation of our land because all our defense secrets are there” Salami said. “Even talking about the subject means national humiliation.”

The P5+1 insists that international inspectors be required to have access to Iranian nuclear sites to carry out inspections as part of the nuclear deal slated to be signed between the Islamic Republic of Iran.

They are needed to ensure that Iran complies with the agreement and does not breach the restrictions on its nuclear program.

Yet Salami decried even discussing the subject of nuclear inspectors saying “This subject is treasonous and selling out the country, and if anyone speaks of it we will respond with hot lead.”

Salami also belittled US threats that all options were on the table saying “the declarations of the American seniors regarding the threat of using the military options don’t worry us. We have made plans for the possibility of a total war with the Americans. Our defense capabilities are spread throughout the region and we don’t have any fears on this issue.”

The Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps is tasked with defending Iran's Islamic revolution and with exporting it abroad. To that end it supports and trains terrorist groups around the region including the Hezbollah in Lebanon, Hamas in the Gaza Strip, Shiite militia groups in Iraq and most recently Houthi rebels in Yemen. 

At the time of writing the Nimitz-class aircraft carrier the USS Theodore Roosevelt was headed towards Yemen to join several other US ships there to be ready to secure US interests in the region.

In February the Iranian Revolutionary Guards navy carried out a drill in which they destroyed a life-sized replica of a US Nimitz-class aircraft carrier.

Watch the clip: 

To learn more about the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps see Clarion Project's Factsheet 

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