Time for Davis, CA Imam to Get Canned

You may remember that as far back as the summer of 2017 we joined a call for the Islamic Center of Davis, California to fire Imam Ammar Shahin.

Among his unacceptable remarks, he told his congregation, “Allah does not change the situation of a people until they change their own situation. The Prophet Mohammed said, ‘Judgment day will not come until the Muslims fight the Jews’.” He used words such as “filth” in the context of the Jewish people.

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Now, MEMRI, the Middle East Media Research Institute (an organization that monitors mosque sermons, among other speeches in the Muslim world), has questioned the sincerity of backtracks and denials made by Shahin and his community in the wake of the scandal.

In it’s latest news roundup, MEMRI pointed out it took some five months for the Islamic center to post a video of an interfaith event staged specifically to dispel local tension and to quiet a noisy media. Why so long?

At that event, Shahin accused people of misunderstanding his comments in more than one sermon. Here’s how he defended himself:

Here I am today, in front of everybody, saying it very clearly, and I hope that everyone would listen to this. Religiously and a personal belief, I have never or will – not now, not in the future, and not in the past – have called for the genocide of any group – not the Jews, not the Christians, not the atheists, not the people without belief, or never. Not just because to please anyone, because the religion commands so.

You can judge for yourselves based on these videos of his original sermons:

If you agree with Shahin about misinterpretations, then thanks for reading this article.

If you think he is an anti-Semite as we do, please sign this petition calling on him to be removed from office. Thank you!


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