Terror Attack on Elton John Concert Foiled

Elton John in concert (Photo: Wikimedia Commons/Mustafa Dogan Ozcelik)

A teenager in the UK faces a possible life sentence in prison for plotting a terror attack on an Elton John concert in London’s iconic Hyde Park, reported the Evening Standard.

After trying to get his case thrown out of court, Haroon Syed, 19, pleaded guilty to the charge of preparation of terrorist acts which occurred between April and September of 2016.

Syed was arrested after a sting operation found him trying to procure weapons for a terrorist attack he had planned to commit which would have involved machine gunning as many victims as possible before blowing himself up in a crowded venue. He specifically wanted a bomb packed with “lots of nails in it” to inflict the most gruesome type of damage.

He researched possible locations for the attack, including an upcoming Elton John concert in Hyde Park, located in central London.

Officers from the British security services caught Syed searching online for weapons, after which, posing as fellow jihadis, engaged him in chat forums.

The judge in the case said Syed faced a discretionary life sentence, meaning that the number of years he will actually have to serve is at the discretion of the government (versus a mandatory number of years).

Syed’s brother was also sent to prison for planning an ISIS-inspired attack on UK’s “Poppy Day,” which commemorates soldiers killed in World wars I and II.


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