We must unite to overcome extremism

But ideological divides are holding us back

It’s about damn time.

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Why are hundreds of people joining the network?

This work can be exhausting, seriously.

Across the world, great activists, writers and thinkers are literally risking their lives by speaking out against Islamist extremism and promoting even the most basic human rights.

Everything is a 'gray area'.

We need to muster up the courage today, to work with people across disagreements – even though it’s hard. Because ‘extremist militant forces’ do, in fact, exist, that strive to impose totalitarian visions over everyone on earth. Only united, do we have the strength to stop them. This is whether we agree on semantics or not.

Our biggest impact is made together.

In our digitally connected world it simply doesn’t make sense to work alone. It’s time we bridge ideological divisions, just like we’ve already bypassed geographical differences. Working across a diversity of opinions challenges our assumptions, strengthens our understanding and crowdsources innovative solutions to one of humanity’s most pressing threats- extremism.

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Let's Talk Islamism is a vibrant network of interfaith activists promoting human rights by confronting Islamist extremism.

The network grew out of the successful Facebook group “Let’s Talk Islamism”.


This group is a digital forum for solutions-oriented conversations about the fight for universal values in the face of Islamist extremism. After surveying some of the 800+ active members, it is clear there is a need for higher quality collaboration against Islamism. Activists from a mosaic of belief systems agree that Islamist extremism endangers lives and rights globally, but disagree on the nature of the problem and how to fix it.


Even the term ‘Islamist extremism’ is a source of disagreement.


However important these different definitions are, the “Let’s Talk about Islamism” Facebook group elucidates a serious problem: definitions and specific ideologies divide even the most intelligent and influential activists.


Let’s Talk Islamism creates opportunities for high-caliber global activists, journalists and thought leaders to collaborate and publicize their work more effectively.


Let’s Talk Islamism is organized by Clarion Project, a non-profit, non-partisan organization challenging Islamist extremism and promoting dialogue with Muslim human rights activists.

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