Taliban Shoots Dead Minority Minister in Pakistan

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Clarion Project received this report from a reader and journalist, Kaleem Dean. Originally from Pakistan, Dean fled his native country to the safety of the UK after his life was threatened for being a minority Christian in Pakistan.


Taliban in Pakistan shot dead the minority member of the Khyber Pakhutankhwa Provincial Legislative Assembly.

Two motorcyclists targeted Dr. Sardar Soran Singh with bullets from a point blank range while Soran Singh was on his way home. Bullets struck his head, neck and eyes leaving him dead on the spot.

A Pakistani Taliban spokesman took responsibility for the killing.

Soran Singh belonged to the Sikh community of Pakistan. Previously affiliated with Jamat-e-Islami (an Islamist political party), he joined the ruling party in the province, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf, headed by famous former cricketer turned politician, Imran Khan.

The Sikh community is one of the minority groups living in Pakistan. It comprises only one percent of the total 190-million population of the country.

On the whole, Pakistan is not a favorable place in which to live as a minority. Since Pakistan gained independence, minorities have faced discrimination, injustice and social hatred. Issues of minority persecution are widespread.

Due to the ever increasing extremism, fundamentalism, nepotism and corruption, the overall social environment is not healthy for general citizens of Pakistan, but it becomes more challenging for downtrodden, marginalized and hate-ridden minority sections of the society.

Governments in Pakistan have also failed to protect minorities in the country. No steps are taken for their safety and security. Not long ago, a bombing in a park in Lahore targeted Christian men, women and children who were celebrating Easter.

The killing of Singh, the Sikh member of the parliament, is another in a long list of assassinations which shows how minorities are a soft target for extremists.

According to his colleagues, Singh was a humble man, always ready to help communities. A herbal-medicine doctor, he ran a small clinic in which he provided services to all the communities living in his area.

Khan and other Pakistani political leaders condemned the killing. Unfortunately, these condemnations have become routine statements from the offices of various political leaders after every brutal incident where innocent lives are lost. Yet, no concrete steps are taken for the safety and security of minorities living in Pakistan.

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Meira Svirsky

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