Syrian Women Go To Work, Get Divorced

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With men away at the front, jobs in Damascus in coffee shops and restaurants are increasingly being filled by women, according to the highest ranking sharia judge of Damascus, Muhamad Maharawi.

He stated he was displeased by this change, since he has received many files for divorce from angry husbands who do not want their wives working in these occupations.

Maharawi argued  that women working in coffee shops and restaurants was not appropriate for Syrian society.

He explained the reason for this shift in female occupations was due to the fact that men, who used to work in these occupations, have now migrated leaving a hole to fill.

He said that there are many jobs hat are not problematic for women and which are not prohibited under sharia law, noting that the principle which a sharia judge ought to use when considering whether or not an occupation is suitable for a woman is whether or not by working there the woman would damage their husband.

Traditional roles have a large influence in decision-making in these cases. In some areas of Syria, women working in these jobs  is not considered damaging to their husband or society, he said, whereas in other areas it is. Therefore, it is very important to know each area.


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Meira Svirsky

Meira Svirsky is the editor of ClarionProject.org

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