From South Park to the FBI: The Story of a Former al-Qaeda Recruiter

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Jesse Morton (Photo: Clarion Project)
Jesse Morton was an al-Qaeda recruiter. He is now an anti-hate activist  (Photo: Clarion Project)

Jesse Morton was an al-Qaeda recruiter and member of a group made famous for their death threats against the makers of South Park. Yet, he pulled himself out of this ideology and works everyday to make amends for the harm he caused.

Here is part of his story:

Morton left home at age 16 after suffering years of abuse. He lived on the street, experimenting with drugs and alternative lifestyles before converting to Islam. After being arrested on a drug charge, he became radicalized in prison.

Morton later became a pioneer in online radicalization and was directly responsible for terror attacks and deaths. His group’s famous death threat against the makers of South Park sparked a battle for free speech. When he was imprisoned for that crime, a prison guard allowed him to leave solitary confinement and spend time in the prison library.

There he educated himself in Western thought and began to move away from violent Islamist ideology. His FBI handler noticed the change in him and began to work with Morton.

Eventually, Morton began to help the FBI. He was released from prison and began a new life as an anti-hate activist.



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