Sri Lanka: Activist Soraya Deen on Easter Attacks

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Soraya Deen (Photo: Clarion Project)
Soraya Deen (Photo: Clarion Project)

Soraya Deen gives an emotional and powerful call to Sri Lankan Muslims after the Easter attacks on Sri Lankan churches and hotel which killed at least 321 people. Dividing her time between Sri Lanka and Los Angeles, Soraya is often on the ground working with activists and empowering leaders in her homeland. Listen to her message of hope and dignity below:

Soraya Deen is an international activist, lawyer and lead organizer for Women’s Initiatives at the OMNIA Institute for Contextual Leadership. She is the founder of the Muslim Women’s Speaker’s Movement. Soraya is also the co-founder of Peacemoms, which promotes Christian and Muslim dialogue. She covers themes of women’s rights, religious freedom and dismantling patriarchy.

She is an avid and passionate speaker on Muslim reform causes. She’s called on the need for Muslims to straighten their backs and lead on the fight against extremism. She’s also spoken on challenging extremism and warning that we cannot hide behind “Islamophobia.”


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