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In this podcast, we suggest you show your children you understand them by talking their language. Send a gif today (and that’s not a spelling mistake)!

Kids don’t think the way we do. They are wired differently.

Letters? Way in the past.

Facebook? That’s for old people!

Even long text messages get ignored.

Kids today talk in pictures and videos.

Here’s an example of something your children will likely be “saying” to each other on their phones:

That is a gif (You can make your own at Giphy.com.) It might be nonsense to you and me but this is exactly how young people communicate today.

If we talk to our children on their level, we are much more likely to keep them safe. You can learn more via our Preventing Violent Extremism program.

In this podcast, Clarion’s Shireen Qudosi explains talking in gifs in a little more detail:

Learn more: Join one of our free Preventing Violent Extremism programs



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