Should We Negotiate With Terrorists?

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Hostages taken by ISIS in Iraq (Photo: ISIS propaganda)
Hostages taken by ISIS in Iraq (Photo: ISIS propaganda)

The dead bodies of ISIS’ latest hostages taken in Iraq were found after the deadline set by the terror group to answer it’s demands passed.

Last week, ISIS released a video showing six men who had been taken hostage. Some were Iraqi police officers, while others were members of the Iranian-backed militia Al-Hashd Al-Sha’abi. Each had a turn to plead for his life.

Then their ISIS captors outlined their demand: “Release all Muslim women from your prisons, otherwise we will execute 6 of your police officers and soldiers.”

ISIS gave the Iraqi government three days to respond.

The dilemmas posed by negotiating with hostages are great, yet the question must be asked: Should we negotiate with terrorists to save lives?

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Should negotiations ever be held with terror groups?



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