Should the US Leave the UN? Readers Respond

The U.S. is considering a bill to pull out of the United Nations and withdraw all funding.

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Islamist regimes and their supporters have used the UN as a means of advancing their agendas and covering up their human rights violations. At the same time, the UN does counter Islamist practices such as abuse of women on the ground.

We asked our readers: Should the US leave the United Nations?

Here are some of your responses. We thank you for your overwhelming response!


The US should not pull out of the UN but instead cut funding for every program it is involved in and have it removed to the poorest country on earth where its presence will help to improve the infrastructure and way of life of its inhabitants.



The original idea of the United Nations was a good one. However, it is out of balance. The previous administration has given too much power to them over the United States and our interest. They also seem biased against Israel and allowing them their freedoms. The Small Arms Treaty seems to be misdirected at the United States, while other countries remain unchecked. The U.S. is capable of making its own decisions without UN's interference. We the People have voted for our representatives at home. We don't need outside interference telling us what to do and how to lead our lives. We are supposed to be a sovereign nation. How did the UN obtain so much power over other nations?



The UN is no longer effective. The US pays all the bills. YES, we should withdraw from the UN.



The UN has become a puppet of radical Islam. The United States pays 22 percent of their budget and for what? More unjust resolutions against Israel. If they want to remain in business then they should pay their own way and get out of the way of progress.



Defunding it should be the first action. More pros to leave. Cons would be risky to do alone. I believe it would be in our best interest to wait for other countries to join us exiting the U.N.



I've never felt that we should be in the United Nations – our country is sovereign and it's not the business of other countries to try to dictate our policies.



We do not need to withdraw from the United Nations. It needs to be a continuing voice for world peace.



Yes, we need to get out. Their values do not align with those that we should be supporting.



The United States should pull all funding from the United Nations, support Israel completely and defeat radical Islam.



Don't create a vacuum. Do demand fiscal justice. If we're basically paying for the utilities, turn off the electric and water to the deadbeats' offices. Cool the offices this winter, heat up the offices this summer. Go after payments in arrears. NO FREE LUNCH AT THE UN PERIOD.



Withdraw from UN. They vote against us and we supply 20% of their finances.



The US should absolutely defund the UN and do its best to discredit the UN (i.e., show it for what it is), which probably involves pulling out. It should also ask the UN to relocate its headquarters outside the U.S.



Yes, we should leave the UN. The high cost is dear with little to no reward.


Yes. Not just the US, but all civilized proper democracies should withdraw from the UN, and form a new organization which excludes any non-democratic nations. In fact, adherence to the existing UN Declaration of Human Rights should be the benchmark for joining.



Considering all the conflicts taking place worldwide, with radical Islam on the rise and the wave of human rights abuse taking place worldwide, tThe UN has turned out to be useless in doing anything about it. When anything becomes useless, you dispose of it. Should the US leave the UN, YES. Then the UN should be removed from the US.



For all the money we give to UN, we are not getting much in return. Drop what we pay each year by half and send them out of the USA.



I hope the US does leave the UN. Out of 193 representatives, nearly one-third are from hostile, Islamic countries with their own agenda of eventual world dominance. The UN no longer remains fair or impartial, but is biased and intolerant of truth.



Withdrawal would be a mistake as the US would loose a seat on the Security Council and the important veto. However, everything once negotiated can be renegotiated. It is time to review how much we pay to support the UN as compared to others. We also can and should withdraw support from programs we believe are wasting money or failing to keep it from going into the wrong pockets. If is not an "all or nothing" choice.



Without the USA, the United Nations would be totally taken over by ISIS and Russian allies and would be a total disaster for the ""Free World""!!!



We have to make the UN work. It is the only forum where all countries can discuss world affairs and hopefully get all countries to work together for what is right.



There is no place for America in the UN. The US should call for a like-minded international coalition of the willing to replace our global influence in the world.



Leave the UN. Nothing good for the USA comes from the UN.



No. At least not right away. HOWEVER, the US contribution to the UN should be cut in half immediately. If 2334 is not rescinded, cut in half again in 6 months, etc. until we stop contributing to the UN. Then we should get out and send them packing to Europe.



We can't leave fast enough!



Yes we should first defund them then kick them out of the US.



I never believed we needed to be with the United Nations. I believe our country should be a sovereign country.



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