Should Refugees Be Taught Not to Rape?

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A British parliamentarian has suggested that all male refugees settling in the UK should be given compulsory classes on gender equality.

Thangam Debbonaire is chair of the parliamentary group on immigrants.

“What I don’t want is for the British people to respond to a case of assault or sexual harassment by saying no to more refugees, which seemed to be what the public’s response to Germany was in danger of becoming,” said the Labour MP, speaking to the Daily Telegraph.

The training, she said would need to be “sensitively worked out and could be part of a nationwide campaign to help men and boys in general to look at gender equality in a different way.”

Europe has seen a rash of sex assaults associated with its new Muslim migrant population. Just a sample of what was reported this past week:

  • Three Iraqi men were arrested near a train station in Berlin after a group groping attack that saw the men grabbing women’s breasts and private areas and trying to force themselves on the women.
  • An attack in broad daylight in Sweden saw a woman surrounded and molested by a group of nine Muslim migrants. The phenomenon of groups of men gang-raping or sexually molesting women is known as a Taharrush attack and is common in Egypt. The woman was rescued by her boss who was in a store near the attack.
  • A 20-year old woman and her 11-year old sister were spit at, subjected to a torrent of verbal abuse and had a hailstorm of stones thrown at them by a group of Arab-speaking men in Meckenheim, Germany.
  • A group of young women in Sweden were followed, spat at and subjected to verbal abuse by a Muslim migrant who was chasing them with his pants down. One of the women said the man told them he hated Sweden and was only there to “F—k Swedish girls” and get benefits. Another woman in the group had been molested by a different migrant that same night.

Debbonaire’s remarks came as a response to comments made pro-Brexit leader Nigel Farage who charged that if the UK stayed in the European Union, women in Britain would be at risk of sexual attacks from migrants, just as women in Europe have experienced.

During the referendum to decide whether or not Britain would remain in the EU (Brits voted to leave), Farange contended, “There are some very big cultural issues.” He called the sex attacks on New Year’s Eve in Cologne, Germany the “nuclear bomb” of the referendum.

Yet politicians like Debbonaire are quick to refute that migrants are not the only ones with “cultural” issues surrounding women and their sexuality. “All men need this education,” Debbonaire asserted. “Our indigenous population is not a haven of gender equality and you could have a situation where boys who have settled, just arrived, or been born here, would all get the same information on how they should interact with women.”

Fair enough. However, after the coordinated mass sex attacks in at least 12 German states in News Year’s Eve, leading German feminist Alice Schwarzer took the brunt of feminist and anti-racist anger when she called the attacks a “gang bang” designed to terrorize women. 

Although Schwarzer clarified that her comments were not meant to excuse the global problem of gender inequality (in Germany or elsewhere in the world), she stood by her words, saying, “Violence is always the dark core of domination, whether it is between ethnic groups, or between different peoples or between the sexes.” 

The question has been posed as to whether the increased number of sex attacks on the continent are a function of cultural differences (that can ultimately be solved through education) or something more sinister – such as a civilization jihad designed to bring Europe to its knees.

European leaders are in a conundrum: Ideologically, refusing to take migrants on grounds of ethnicity or cultural differences violates the left-wing’s seeming abhorrence to racism (save for many when it comes to certain ethnic groups, like Jews). On a practical level, Europeans seem to have become uninterested in procreation to the point where negative birth rates are forecast for many countries in the continent in the near future.

Yet, socialism, with its seemingly endless bounty of benefits, needs a steady supply of new workers paying into the system in order to sustain a large and aging population.

Whether or not Europeans will be able to win over its migrant population to its cultural norms remains to be seen.

Being ungenerous, one could say, it is a civilization ripe for the picking.


Meira Svirsky is the editor of ClarionProject.org


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Meira Svirsky

Meira Svirsky is the editor of ClarionProject.org

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