Should ISIS be forgiven? You Said, NO!

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ISIS hostage Italian Alessandro Sandrini (Photo: ISIS propaganda)
ISIS hostage Italian Alessandro Sandrini (Photo: ISIS propaganda)

Should ISIS be forgiven for its deeds? That is the question we posed in response to a viral  video (see below) of a young Christian girl named Myriam from Iraq whose home and entire environment was shattered by ISIS.

The girl, who was interviewed by SAT7 Network, tells how she is grateful to God for not letting ISIS kill her and her family. When asked what her feelings are toward those who drove her out of her home, Myriam says, “I won’t do anything to them. I will only ask God to forgive them.”

We asked you, our readers, if ISIS should be forgiven. Here are the results of our poll. Your comments follow.

  • 86 percent said “no”
  • 14 percent said “yes”


Never. Never. Never.

Forgiveness first requires the act of repentance by the one seeking forgiveness.  That does not exist regarding ISIS

They should all be executed the way they execute their victims.

They should be brought to court.

Yes. Forgive. But we should not trust anything they say or promise nor should we negotiate or make treaties with them because of the Islamic practice of taqiya.

Are you serious? Never again …

Their sin is against God, therefore, only God could forgive ISIS.

NEVER! Their intentions and evil ideology have and will never change. They are not to be forgiven or trusted EVER!

There need to be consequences. ISIS is a scourge.

Unless they admit their crimes and accept the punishment.

I don’t forgive Nazis or Communists either!

Forgiveness can only be given by the individual wronged. I think it is rather arrogant of an anyone to forgive wrongs done to others.

No, not until they seek forgiveness from God through repentance.

They should suffer the fate of some of the Nazis at Nuremberg (far too few).  Their incredible barbarism and savagery goes well beyond even Islamist atrocities, including training young children to behead people with blunt knives.  The evil and the hate should lead to genuine war crimes trials.

If they are forgiven they will repeat the same the moment they are able!!

ISIS must be totally decimated , otherwise they will make their way back. Forgive, and destroy

Absolutely not. Kill all of them and let God forgive them.

Civilization is at war for it’s very survival.  Forgiveness of the relentless violence is insane.

They have not stopped their evil, vile actions!  They torture, kill in the most vile ways, rape, maim!  You do not forgive what continues! 

Anger rather than forgiveness would defeat groups like ISIS. Religion encourages victims to remain victims.

Forgiven, yes; destroyed, yes.

Every single person must be held accountable for their good deeds as well as their bad ones.  These people have no respect for anyone’s life and none should be held for theirs.

All who ask for forgiveness will receive it from God but consequences and judgement will also be given by God to those who are forgiven.

ISIS is not a person, it is an ideology and a terrorist organisation. We cannot forgive either because neither can repent.The organisation ISIS as such must be outlawed pursued and destroyed. It must cease to exist.The individuals who formed part of it are another thing altogether. Even for them, forgiveness must never come at the expense of justice. Justice and forgiveness must go hand in hand, otherwise we are promoting evil.

Forgiveness follows repentance.

Scripture says only the one who has been offended can give forgiveness AFTER the offender ASKS for forgiveness and AFTER he or she has repented before God and changed their ways. Anything else is emotional and nothing to do with God.

No more than we forgave Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot or any others who try to inflict their insane ideologies on the world through violence!

Under Christianity we are to forgive. But that does by no means rule out punishment for their crimes.




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