‘School Run By an ISIS Recruiter’

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Gothenburg's School of Science is housed in this non-descript building to the northeast of the city's center. (Photo: Google Street View)
Gothenburg’s School of Science is housed in this non-descript building to the northeast of the city’s center. (Photo: Google Street View)

A Swedish school is run by an ISIS recruiter, according to the country’s police, the Swedish-language Doku website reports. The news site names Gothenburg’s School of Science President and Principal Abdel Nasser El Nadi as being one of the reasons his city has so many Islamist volunteers. El Nadi is reportedly one of the 2,000 people identified by the police as being among the leaders of Islamist extremism in the country.

Doku looked through El Nadi’s Facebook posts in 2014 and other documents, in which he was found to be critical of the coalition fighting against Islamic State. The news outlet claims the police believe El Nadi to be a recruiter for jihad.

The school has a record of failing educational standards with only a minority of teachers having proper educational qualifications at times.

Clarion Project has reported on numerous occasions about problematic activities in Gothenburg, including:

  • Two children’s books released in Sweden that showed up at a book fair. The books educate kids about Islamic practices of polygamy and women wearing an abaya (a long, loose garment that covers the body and sometimes also the head).
  • A 22-year-old social worker was attacked as she worked a night shift with 10 teenagers at a home for unaccompanied young refugees near the city. Alexandra Mezher died in a hospital from her stab wounds.
  •  Some 12 masked men firebombed a synagogue during a party for local youth. The youth were evacuated to the basement of the building and no one was hurt.
  •  Two stores owned by Assyrian Christians were defaced with Islamic State graffiti. The Islamic State logo was daubed on the shops, along with “The Caliphate is here” and the Arabic letter “Nun” for “Nazarene,” meaning Christian.


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