Saudi Men: Women’s Makeup Is Cause of Increased Molestation

A survey conducted by the King Abdul Aziz Centre for National Dialogue in Saudi Arabia shows that Saudi men blame women for the rising rate of molestation in the Gulf. The poll surveyed 992 men and women.

Ironically, in a country where women are required to wear full-face and body coverings in public, over 86 percent of men said that excessive makeup was the main cause of the increase in public molestation of women.

Saudi Arabia has no specific anti-molestations laws or penalties in place to combat indecent assault, a factor which was cited by 80 percent of the poll’s respondents as reason for  the increasing phenomenon of molestation of women. The survey made no mention of the strict modesty dress codes to which Saudi women must adhere.

Of those surveyed 91 percent blamed "poor religious sentiment" while 75 percent said that a lack of awareness campaigns and warning notices were causing the problem.


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