Must Watch: Muslim Satirist Lampoons Maajid Nawaz

Veedu Vidz. (Photo: Screenshot from video).
Veedu Vidz. (Photo: Screenshot from video).

If you get frustrated by the difficulty of having an honest conversation about Islamism, but can’t quite put your finger on exactly why, you have to watch this video.

Former Islamist Maajid Nawaz, now a counter-extremism activist and head of the Quilliam Foundation, runs a talkshow on London’s LBC network. In it, callers dial in to speak to Nawaz, and he regularly argues with them about radical Islam. He carefully explains, from his experience and his deep understanding of the topic, the nuances of how to challenge radical Islam without veering into anti-Muslim bigotry.

But many of the callers attack Maajid for it. Muslim callers have berated Nawaz in the past and accused him of misrepresenting Islam or worse. One memorable conversation saw him baffled by a Muslim woman who refused to condemn verse 4:34 in the Quran, which allows a husband to beat his wife in certain circumstances. On the other side, he has been attacked by angry non-Muslims who are worried about an Islamic takeover and blame all Muslims for terrorism.

Satirist Veedu Vidz (previously interviewed by Clarion Project) made a video brilliantly skewering the many callers who have contended with Nawaz, as well as lampooning Nawaz himself.

“I share Maajid’s frustration when some Muslims condemn violent acts , but when asked to condemn them from scripture they fall short and make excuses,” Veedu Vidz told Clarion. “For any chance of any meaningful reform we have to confront our scriptures and tradition honestly without making excuses. Furthermore, the last conversation on the video with “Tom” shows that despite Maajid’s effort to hold Muslims up to the same liberal standard as everyone else, certain segments of the population still distrust all Muslims and consider him a stealth jihadist and untrustworthy, showing how difficult it is to be a Muslim reformer, as both sides seem to have something against you.”

Have some fun and watch the video:



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