Linda Sarsour: Feminist, Islamist or Delusional?

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Linda Sarsour speaks at a "Women for Syria" rally in NY. (Photo: Drew Angerer/Getty Images)
Linda Sarsour speaks at a “Women for Syria” rally in NY. (Photo: Drew Angerer/Getty Images)


How can one of the organizers of the women’s march believe in sharia law, a system which defines a woman’s testimony as worth half of that of a man? How does Linda Sarsour reconcile these apparent contradictions in herself?

Were her calls for jihad against President Trump a call to arms? Or was it simply an expression of non-violent protest and resistance, the right to which is guaranteed in the constitution?

Muslim-American activist Shireen Qudosi went on the “Polite Conversations” podcast hosted by liberal ex-Muslim podcaster Eiynah to speak about Sarsour.

“Linda Sarsour’s call to jihad against the democratically elected leader of the free world is not isolated in the sense that post-election Muslim American sentiment towards the new president has been incredibly hostile and warmongering with rhetoric that has hostile undertones,” Qudosi told Clarion when asked about the podcast.

If Sarsour’s remarks are indicative of a broader trend, then it is worth taking the time to unpack what she really thinks.

Along with Thomas Smith, Qudosi discussed whether Sarsour is deluded, has a different understanding of sharia, or whether something more sinister is going on.

For Qudosi, the situation is clear: “She’s a classic propagandist and she’s an Islamist and there’s no other way to talk about Linda Sarsour except for that.” Eiynah disagrees, saying, “I think she’s a sanitizer of Islamism and of Islamists, I don’t know if she’s trying to put sharia law in.”

Listen to the segment from Shireen Qudosi’s Soundcloud. For the full podcast, subscribe to Eiynah on Patreon.


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