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Ryan Mauro is Clarion Project’s Shillman Fellow and National Security Analyst. A professor of homeland security, counter-terrorism and political science, he consults to government agencies and policy-makers.


Mauro has made over 1,000 appearances on international radio and TV programs from both the left of the right, including frequent segments on FOX News Channel, Al-Hurra, CCTV, Voice of America, Wall Street Journal Live, etc. He’s been widely published and quoted in outlets like The New York Times, The Washington Post, USA Today, The Hill, Roll Call and the Daily Caller.


He was originally hired as an international security analyst at age 16 for a maritime protection company. His research led to two speaking engagements at the International Intelligence Summit, billed as the most prestigious conference of its kind. The event’s material, including Mauro’s bio, was found inside Osama Bin Laden’s Pakistan compound.

Ryan Speaks About

Radical  ideology is quickly spreading in the US through organizations and individuals trying to gain political influence.


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According  to the FBI, there are investigations into terror plots in all 50 states. Ryan has detailed knowledge on Islamist cells operating today in the US.


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The FBI, DHS, and police are on the front lines of the fight against terror. Ryan works closely with law enforcement as an advisor on specific cases. 


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Actions in the Middle East have a direct impact on the US. Ryan looks at the big picture and connects the dots as the US builds its policy for the 21st century. 


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