Clarion: On the Road in Richmond Hill, Georgia

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Clarion Project's Shireen Qudosi leads a conversation about PVE with community leaders.

Clarion Project’s Shireen Qudosi (center) leads a conversation about PVE with community leaders

Last week, Clarion Project’s National Correspondent and Director of Preventing Violent Extremism (PVE) Education, Shireen Qudosi headed to Richmond Hill, Georgia to offer a primer conversation with community leaders on our PVE training program.

Pastors and priests, law enforcement, veterans, educators and civic leaders all came together to move forward as a unit to protect their community’s children against extremists.

The first step is paving way for a unique PVE program that includes a training initiative focused on leaders as well as an education initiative focused on youth and children.

Richmond Hill Police Chief Mitch Shores, who also attended the event and helped rally leaders together, sat down with Shireen Qudosi to discuss the defining characteristic people who desire to train others need to have.

Police Chief Mitch Shores asks, “What’s the number one skill someone teaching other needs to have?” Shores said: A desire for the other person to learn.

If they don’t have a desire for the other person to learn or grow, any other characteristic is a mute point.

To find out what you can do to prevent violent extremism or how to bring a training session to your community, click here



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