Political Upheaval, Arrests and Mystery Visits

King Salman
King Salman

The world of Saudi politics is mighty complicated at the best of times but right now the rumor mill is talking up political earthquakes of serious magnitude.

The gossip includes:

  • King Salman’s future
  • A mystery visit by his son
  • A series of arrests
  • A new, reform-minded approach

Find out much more in this Clarion podcast (In the frame below is arrested Islamist cleric Salman al-Awdeh):




Saudis Deal With Anyone: This Time $70b. Arms Contract With China

Saudis to Allow Girls Phys Ed in Public Schools

Saudi Advisers to King Condemn Muslim Brotherhood


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Hi, this may be interesting you: Political Upheaval, Arrests and Mystery Visits! This is the link: https://clarionproject.org/reports-saudi-arrests-islamist-clerics-as-salman-prepares-to-abdicate/