Refugee Arrested in Austria for Planning Christmas Attack

Police in Austria have arrested an asylum seeker from Morocco who is suspected of planning a serious attack in the city of Salzburg between Christmas and New Year’s, reported the Daily Express.

The man is believed to be a part of a terrorist organization.

A raid on his accommodations in Fuschi (located in the state of Salzburg) by police officers with sniffer dogs also netted the arrest of six other people for drug-related offenses.

According to the prosecutor’s office in Austria, "The police were informed in recent months that unidentified men had discussed an alleged terrorist attack in Salzburg in the period around Christmas/New Year.

"Along with smaller amounts of drugs and cash in the amount of more than £7,000 several electronic devices were seized, which will be assessed.”

The arrest follows the attack in Berlin Monday night on a Christmas market, which killed 12 and injured close to 50 as well the arrests of 10 teenagers in Belgium for planning a similar attack.

Last week, a 12-year-old boy attempted to carry out a nail bomb attack on a Christmas market in the town of Ludwigshafen, located in southwestern Germany.

The boy reportedly planned to travel to Iraq to join ISIS last summer. He was not arrested, however, since he is younger than the criminal age of responsibility in Germany but was taken into foster care. 

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