Rep. Tlaib Requests Taxpayers Fund Her Anti-Semitism

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Incoming Representative Rashida Tlaib (C) arrives for a House of Representatives member-elect welcome briefing on Capitol Hill November 15, 2018 in Washington, DC. (Photo: BRENDAN SMIALOWSKI/AFP/Getty Images)
Incoming Representative Rashida Tlaib (C) arrives for a House of Representatives member-elect welcome briefing on Capitol Hill November 15, 2018 in Washington, DC. (Photo: BRENDAN SMIALOWSKI/AFP/Getty Images)

Newly-inaugurated Congresswomen Rashida Tlaib just requested taxpayer money to fund a Congressional delegation to the Palestinian Authority-controlled territories in Israel.  At the same time, her equally new colleague from Rep. Ilhan Omar was just appointed by her fellow Democrats to the prestigious House Foreign Affairs Committee.

What do these events have in common and, more importantly, what do they portend for the Democratic Party?

Both Tlaib (D-MI) and Omar (D-MN) are open supporters of the boycott, divest and sanction (BDS) movement against Israel.

The BDS movement aims to strangle the Jewish state economically while at the same time calls for the flooding of Palestinians into Israel to destroy the Jewish character of the state.

According to the definition of anti-Semitism by the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance and officially adopted by the U.S. (and 31 other nations), the BDS movement has been deemed at its core an anti-Semitic movement.

This is because the movement “[applies] double standards by requiring of [Israel] a behavior not expected or demanded of by any other democratic nation.” For example, there are at least 100 land disputes across the globe that are not subject to “BDS” movements.

Congressman Brian Babin (R-TX) wrote to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, urging her to deny Tlaib’s request. “This action, from an outspoken supporter of the ‘BDS’ Israeli boycott movement and whose personal vitriol led her to publicly brag about calling our President a ‘mother****er’ to her young son, is both ill-conceived and inconsistent with our national values,” Babin wrote.

Moreover, Babin noted that by traveling to Palestinian Authority-controlled territory, American tax dollars would be going to an anti-American political body that has a history of paying terrorists – some of whom have specifically targeted and killed American citizens.

“Notwithstanding the potential damage to the U.S.-Israel relationship, it seems to be a gross misappropriation of taxpayer dollars to contribute to, however indirectly, a belligerent group and its affiliates that directly oppose the interests of the United States,” Babin wrote.

While Pesoli still has the choice to deny using taxpayer money to fund Tlaib and her anti-Semitic mission, those Democrats who appointed Omar to the House Foreign Relations Committee have already made their voices known on the subject.

During her campaign, Omar disingenuously told voters that she believed the BDS movement was “counteractive” since it wasn’t “helpful in getting a two-state solution.” However, less than a week after her win, she switched her position saying she supported the BDS movement.

This wasn’t surprising considering Omar’s history of demonizing the world’s only Jewish state. As Hamas (a U.S.-designated terrrorist group) was attacking Israel in 2012 and bombarding its civilian population with Grad and Qassam rockets, Omar tweeted, “Israel has hypnotized the world, may Allah awaken the people and help them see the evils of Israel.” During her entire campaign, Omar defended that statement.

Jews aren’t the only ones that Omar likes to promote conspiracy theories about. Last week, a tweet by the chair of the Democratic Coalition (a super PAC founded in 2016 to oppose Trump) went viral accusing Senator Lindsey Graham of being gay and “kowtowing to Trump” because he’s being blackmailed over “some pretty serious sexual kink.” In reaction, Omar tweeted her agreement, saying, “They got to him, he is compromised.”

The Democratic Party should censure both of these women for their views and statements that go against the values and guaranteed rights of United States constitution. Failure to do so will tell volumes about the state of the Democratic Party today.

“It’s a question of ethics. What are their priorities as Congresswomen?” asked Clarion’s National Correspondent Shireen Qudosi. “Their priorities seem to be advocating for Palestinian causes and peddling conspiracy theories. These are not American values; these are Islamist values. It is horrifying to think these women are power holders at the most important decision-making tables in our country, and now also in a position to influence foreign policy.”

Both of these members of Congress should get on with the business of looking after their constituents, which they were elected to do.



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