Raheel Raza: Where Are We Headed in 2020?

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Raheel Raza (Photo: Clarion Project)
Raheel Raza (Photo: Clarion Project)

Where are we headed in 2020 with political Islam?

Islamists will continue to try to confuse with world with their semantics:


“Islamic” State

While ISIS was shattered and nearly defeated in 2019, in a way it was essential for them to emerge on the world stage because, according to the way Islam is practiced today, hanging on the absurd centuries-old sharia, they are Islamic.

If we look back at history since the beginning of Islam, we see that some Muslim rulers were pluralistic, while others were like ISIS. The real defeat of ISIS will be when we get rid of the ideology rather than the players, and stop succumbing to Islamist demands for unreasonable accommodation.

ISIS has shown the world what political Islam will look like if we let it be legitimized.


How can you describe a fake concept? This term is nothing more than the OIC (Organization of Islamic Cooperation) pushing for the stifling of free speech as they have done at the UN Human Rights Council for years.

Their success is evident in the fact that all over the Western world, any criticism of Islam or Muslims is immediately deemed either “Islamophobic” or blasphemy. The most recent case is that of a French schoolgirl who had to go into hiding for insulting Islam on social media.

Remarkably, French President Emmanuel Macron defended the teenager saying, “We have the right to blaspheme.”

The other reason this term is kept alive is that it deflects from serious issues like human rights abuse, oppression of women in Muslim majority societies and anti-Semitism (which is on the rise precisely because people are afraid of speaking out).

Canada was gullible enough to fall into the “Islamophobia” trap by sanctioning Motion 103, which is just another tactic to muzzle free speech.


The biggest thorn in the side of the Islamists (and their leftist enablers) is people speaking out about them and exposing their nefarious agendas. So, they constantly threaten activists with legal action.

There are not too many of us who willing to put our necks on the chopping block to speak out. But instead of challenging us to public debate, Islamists use the cowardly tactic of trying to shut us up through lawsuits.


One of the most common and easiest tactics the Islamists use to deflect from real issues is to charge someone with blasphemy and hope that the damage will be done.

But this is a loaded word. For example, if Muslims all over the world would look through a spiritual (not political) prism, the most “blasphemous” name for a political or military group is Hezbollah (Party of God). How often have we broken this down to ask what it means?

Does God have a party? Has God been reduced to a human level to have a political party? If this is God’s own party, what about the rest of humanity?


The #MeToo movement takes a serious look at sexual misbehavior. This definitely needs to be addressed. However, when it comes to Islamist infractions, the movement disregards the plight and abuse of Yazidi women who even today are subject to horrific torture. They never speak about honor-based crimes and rarely address under-age or forced marriage (Iraq has just declared the age of marriage for girls to be 9).

On an individual basis, Muslims hardly comment on the darling of the Islamists – Tariq Ramadan — who is charged for multiple rape.


The killing of Solemani and the shooting down of the Ukrainian civilian airliner causing the death of 176 innocent people showed the world that Iran’s leaders are not only murderers but liars as well.


2019 also saw the gory murder of Kashoggi with video tapes of him going in and out of the Saudi Consulate in Turkey.

We have a choice: As North American Muslims, we can deflect all the issues and blame everything on President Trump, America and Israel (as I’ve witnessed time and again at the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva), or we can check our own backyard and continue to expose the Islamist agenda.



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Raheel Raza

Raheel Raza is a spokesperson for Clarion Project and of president of Muslims Facing Tomorrow.

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