Radical Islamists Control New Egyptian Parliament [with VIDEO]

With final results expected in this week, radical Islamists are poised

to take control of Egypt”s next parliment, paving the way for Sharia

law to be mandated throught Egypt. The elections were the first to take

place since the ouster of former Egptian President Hosni Mubarek.

The Muslim Brotherhood”s party, ironically known as the “Freedom and

Justice Party,” is expected to control at least half the seats, and an

agreement has already been made with the runners-up that they will

control the speaker of the Parliament as well.

The Muslim Brotherhood is a military, religious and social organization

whose purpose is to impose Sharia law over the entire world. The

Brotherhood launched modern-day terrorism and was the forerunner to al

Quaeda. It was founded in 1928 by Islamist scholar and school teacher

Hassan al Banna, a devout follower of Adolf Hilter. Hamas considers

itself the Palestinian branch of the Brotherhood.



The Brotherhood”s majority will be solidified by the ultraconservative

Salafist Nour party.

One of the first tasks slated for Egypt”s lower house of parliment, the

People”s Assembly, will be to select writers for a constitution for the

country. Current military rulers will try to influence the selection

committee, but political party leaders plan to block the military in

this effort.