Radical Islam and New Year’s Resolutions

So what’s your New Year’s resolution? A little less carb intake? Being nicer to your mother-in-law? Or if you are the leader of a Western democracy – making your citizens a little bit safer?

As if we needed another reminder, the Santa Claus terror attack in Istanbul on New Year’s Eve told us just how dangerous our enemy is.

Islamist extremism, radical Islam – call it what you will – has outstripped earthquakes, plagues and famines as the 21st Century’s number-one threat.

Whether it’s the drip-drip Islamism of organization like CAIR (the Council on American-Islamic Relations), the political power-grabbing of the Muslim Brotherhood or the outright terror of al-Qaeda, ISIS and the like, radical Islam is gaining in strength.

Don’t be fooled by the victories over Islamic State in Syria and Iraq. The organization’s tentacles reach far, wide and deep.

The idea of New Year’s resolutions is nothing new. Medieval knights, the Romans and Babylonians all made them. But have you ever stopped to think about the meaning of the word?

A resolution is defined as a firm decision to do or not do something or the action of solving a problem, dispute or contentious matter.

Think of other words from the same root: resolve – to decide firmly on a course of action; and resolute – admirably purposeful, determined and unwavering.

That is exactly what is required of Western leaders.

Clearly the migrant crisis is just that – a crisis — but that does not mean newcomers to your country mustn’t be vetted thoroughly.

Why are there more than 50 no-go zones in Sweden?

If we know Molenbeek in Belgium is a breeding ground for Islamists, why isn’t Brussels doing more about it?

If CAIR is designated as a terror organization by the United Arb Emirates, why does the outgoing U.S. administration insist on meeting with its members?

From the drip-drip to the outrageous acts of terror, governments must act. It must start in the White House but must take in all those who speak out against radicals. The time is not nigh, because we are truly late in tackling this scourge.

Leaders, please be resolute and show resolve when you make your New Year’s resolutions.

David Harris is editor in chief of Clarion Project.

David Harris
David Harris is the editor in chief of Clarion Project.

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