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Preventing Violent Extremism

Resilience Training Program

About the Program

All children should have a peaceful upbringing and the opportunity to pursue a meaningful life. But today, radical regimes and organizations systematically indoctrinate the next generation of kids to embrace violence and hatred.

This radicalization is happening at home, in the United States. Extremists  use new methods, such as social media, to reach a broader audience and lure Western teenagers into joining terrorist organizations.

You'll Learn

  • The role of extreme ideology

  • Push and Pull factors  that either drive children to  extremism or protect them

  • How to identify, listen, address and monitor to confront push factors
Raheel is a Distinguished Senior Fellow with The Gatestone Institute, and has addressed audiences at universities around the world, including Harvard, Columbia, Oxford, and Cambridge. She has also been invited to speak before the Parliaments of Sweden, UK, Israel, and to Capitol Hill in Washington, DC. 

About Our Presenter: Raheel Raza

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Protecting our children in the Jihad generation

Raheel Raza is on Clarion Project's advisory board, one of the activists featured in Honor Diaries, the President of The Council for Muslims Facing Tomorrow, author of the book Their Jihad – Not My Jihad, an award-winning journalist, and an activist for human rights, gender equality, and dignity in diversity.
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