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What are the red flags and trigger points for radicalization? What can you do to protect your children and communities?


Find out how radicalization impacts families, schools, law enforcement, mental health, communities and more. Learn how you can break the cycle of radicalization.

A Minneapolis police officer with a body cam at the Twin Cities Pride Parade in 2018 (Photo: Tony Webster/Wikimedia Commons)
Instead of Defunding the Police, What If Minneapolis Would Do This?

Looking at solutions

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Souvenirs and electronics lay scattered in a shop in Times Square after a night of violence (Photo: John Moore/Getty Images)
Free-For-All Violence in the US: How Will It End?

Will politicians and the media continue to ignore the violence?

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Antifa protesters in NYC holding a sign which reads, 'SMASH THE STATE' in a previous protest in NY. Bot Twitter accounts by 'Antifa' have been trying to stoke violence in the current upheaval (Photo: Stephanie Keith/Getty Images)
2020 Riots: Bot Twitter Accounts Used to Incite More Violence

How extremists are stoking the flames

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Abdallah Azzam is credited with being the progenitor of modern jihad (Photo: Book cover)
New Book Traces Origins of the Rise of Global Jihad

A fascinating look at the progenitor of modern jihad

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(Illustrative photo: Pxfuel)
Toronto: Authorities Call Attack ‘Incel Terrorism’

Where does the ideology come from?

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We give you tips on identifying exactly what is an extremist movement (Illustrative Photo:
How to Spot an Extremist Movement

With kids out of school, parents also need education

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