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Do our young men feel empowered? (Photo: FREDERICK FLORIN/AFP via Getty Images)
On Int’l Men’s Day: A Plea to Empower Our Boys

Extremists offer boys a masculinity they are denied by our society

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CAIR-Florida's director, Hassan Shibly (Photo: PETER MUHLY/AFP via Getty Images)
Latest Islamist Tactic to Undermine Programs Preventing Extremism

The conversation on preventing extremism can’t be led by extremists

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What makes someone vulnerable to extremism? (Illustrative photo: Flickr/Tankwart/2.0)
What Makes Someone Vulnerable to Extremism?

Understanding which factors are the biggest triggers

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(Photo: U.S. Air Force)
For Every 800 Working Against ISIS Online, ISIS Has 1,000

How ISIS moves recruits from online to real time

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(Photo: Pixabay)
Building Alternative Dialogue Models

It’s up to us outside of the media

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A sign near a checkpoint of a vigilante group reads Civilian J.T.F (Joint Task Force) Maiduguri, an area where the Islamist terror group Boko Haram has carried many deadly attacks. Young men and women formed vigilante groups to hunt down these terrorists and have had success. (Photo: AMINU ABUBAKAR/AFP/Getty Images)
How Vigilante Groups Impact Societies

A case study for the West

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