Protesters Commandeer ‘Autonomous Zone’ in Seattle

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Protesters in Seattle's 'autonomous zone' take over city hall (Photo: Screen shot)
Protesters in Seattle’s ‘autonomous zone’ take over City Hall (Photo: Screen shot)

After police boarded up and abandoned a downtown precinct in Seattle, protesters took over, establishing an “autonomous zone” in a six-block area in the Capitol Hill neighborhood.

The area, which included City Hall and about 500 residences, has now been dubbed CHAZ (the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone), as protesters set up barricades and now decide who goes in and who goes out of the territory.

Tuesday evening, Far-Left Seattle Councilwoman Kshama Sawant and her staffers unlocked the doors of City Hall so that the protesters could take over the building, which is normally locked at night.

Hundreds of protesters then poured into City Hall demanding the resignation of progressive Democrat Mayor Jenny Durkan, along with a host of other demands including: defunding the Seattle Police Department and the cancelling of all current police pension (Durkan has called for police reform, not defunding.)

Other demands include abolishment of the court system (which the protesters deem “beyond reform”), youth jails and imprisonment in general  and an end to all ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) operations in the city. In addition, in the transition period (while the police department is being dismantled), the protesters demanded that the police use no weapons (guns, batons, tear gas) against those “exercising their First Amendment rights as Americans to protest.”

Protesters also demanded retrials for all “People of Color” accused of violent crimes by “a jury of their peers in their community,” amnesty and the release of all protesters arrested in “The George Floyd Rebellion,” and the release of all those in jail for marijuana-related offenses.

Sawant spoke at the protest,calling the other city council members “sellouts” and “corporate politicians.”

“Every day, when I’m sitting on the dais, I remind myself, they’re not my people, you’re my people,” she said to the protesters.

Watch protesters in Seattle at the City Hall call for the resignation of Mayor Jenny Durkan and march through the new “autonomous zone”:

The seize came after two weeks of ongoing conflict between protesters, rioters and police with protesters throwing glass bottles and rocks and police responding with tear gas and pepper spray.

Within 24 hours of storming City Hall, CHAZ looks like this:

  • Border control with a tight immigration rule regulating who comes in and out of CHAZ
  • Free snacks and free gas masks
  • Presence of open-carry arms

Presently, emergency vehicles are unable to pass through the barricades. Law enforcement is replaced by “patrols” of the odd armed citizen. There are also reports that the movement to take over Seattle was initiated by Antifa, whose activists have a long history of aggression and violent behavior in the city.

Seattle resident and Director of Discovery Institute’s Center on Wealth and Poverty, Christopher Rufo, spoke with Clarion Project about the situation in the city:

“Antifa-affiliated activists have begun a dangerous game: They have seized six blocks of territory, declared it an ‘autonomous zone,’ and have released a list of demands, including defunding the police and redistributing taxpayer money to their cause.

Within the autonomous zone, the atmosphere is festive and triumphant. But in the coming days, activists will learn that they have overplayed their hand: It’s easy for paramilitaries to seize control of a neighborhood; it’s difficult for them to establish a new government.

According to my sources in Seattle PD [police department], the city government is in disarray, but they must eventually retake the territory—setting the stage for an even more dangerous conflict.

Antifa has been active in Seattle for many years. The various groups have confirmed their own participation on Twitter. @WABlackFlag and @spekulation are two of the accounts, but even one of the [city] council members [Teresa Mosqueda] has openly supported Antifa and even posted pictures of her baby in an Antifa ‘onesie.'”


While they are painting themselves as “exercising their First Amendment rights as Americans,” supporters of Seattle’s newfound CHAZ district have replicated all the classic trappings of extremist movements by:

  1. Being against the state
  2. Forming a rigid narrative that excludes dialogue or compromise
  3. Restricting movement in and out of an ideological (and physical) pocket

Events in Seattle are unfolding along the blueprint of an extremist concept Clarion Project has long been informing our readers about: acceleration.

Far-Right and Far-Left groups specifically try to use current events to spark an all-out confrontation, the goal of which is to create chaos and hasten the  collapse of society (which they envision will make way for their own utopian visions).

The theory of “acceleration” is not unique to any one extremist group. The call for hastening or “accelerating” the collapse of society has long been a goal of any number of major extremist movements.

However, as most counter-extremism experts concur, what America is witnessing in the last two weeks is a nightmare scenario no one could have predicted as unraveling as quickly as it is.

Watch Clarion Intelligence Network and Shillman Fellow Ryan Mauro explain the idea of acceleration and the “war of the extremes”:


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