Progressive Muslim Organizations

  • Quilliam Foundation

    Quilliam Foundation

    A counter-extremism think tank that challenges anti-Western ideologies and Muslim social insularity that contributes to radical Islam.

  • Muslim Canadian Congress

    Community of Muslims who believe in a progressive, democratic and secular society where everyone has freedom of religion.

  • American Islamic Forum For Democracy

    An advocacy group dedicated to the principles of the U.S. Consti- tution and the separation of religion and state.

  • Center for Islamic Pluralism

    A think tank dedicated to challenging militant Islamists and to fostering and mobilizing moderate Muslims.

  • Muslims Facing Tomorrow

    A community-based organiza- tion in Canada which helps Muslims integrate Canadian values of freedom and democracy.

  • Alliance of Iranian Women

    An organization to galvanize action against Iran to end its abuse and oppression of women.

  • LibForAll Foundation

    Encourages the growth of tolerant societies based on liberty and the rule of law and works to discredit extremism and terrorism.

  • Free Muslims Coalition

    A group created to eliminate broad base support for Islamic extremism and terrorism and to strengthen secular democratic institutions in the Muslim world.

  • The Democratic Party Libya

    A political party that actively calls for the establishment of secular democracy and explicitly recognizes the state of Israel.

  • Progressive Muslims Institute Canada

    A group against Sharia law and all forms of Islamic extremism and terrorism.

  • American Islamic Leadership Coalition

    An alliance of Muslims dedicated to defending the U.S. Constitution and religious pluralism.

  • Islamic Supreme Council

    An educational organization providing the perspective of non-Islamist, anti-extremist Muslims.

  • International Quranic Center

    A Muslim organization that does not believe the Hadith are a reliable source and that Islamic law must be compatible with human rights.

  • Muslim Reform Movement
    A coalition of Muslim activists dedicated to challenging Islamism from within.