U.S. Presidential Race 2016

See what all the candidates are saying about Iran, ISLAMIST RADICALISM, the threat at home and much more.

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Donald Trump
Billionaire real estate mogul and president of the Trump Organization
“I say that you can defeat ISIS by taking their wealth. Take back the oil. Once you go over and take back that oil, they have nothing. ”
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Mike Pence
Governor of Indiana Former member of the House of Representatives
Pence opposed the Iran nuclear deal, has criticized Trump’s proposed ban on Muslim immigration but opposes resettling Syrian refugees in the U.S.
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Gary Johnson
Former governor of New Mexico
"Sharia is a political ideology that cannot coexist with the constitutional and basic human rights on which the United States is founded."
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William Weld
Former governor of Massachusetts
Says the FBI should treat ISIS like a 'gigantic organized crime family' with a 1,000-person FBI task force.
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Hillary Clinton
Former Senator from New York Secretary of State under Obama administration
First Lady to former president Bill Clinton
U.S. needs an "overarching strategy" against jihadists and their ideology like the West had to defeat Communism.
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Tim Kaine
U.S. senator from Virginia. Former lieutenant governor and former governor of Virginia.
Kaine was an early supporter of the Iran deal and has been criticized for his ties to the U.S. Muslim Brotherhood network.
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Jill Stein
Green Party nominee for president in 2012
"Brute military force breeds extremism. ISIS is actually a product of this policy, as was the Taliban."
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Anjamu Baraka
Candidate for Vice President
Says the horrors of the Syrian civil war have been "fomented by a demented and dying U.S. empire."
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Evan McMullin
CIA Operations Officer specializing in counterterrorism Senior adviser on national security issues to the House Committee on Foreign Affairs
A brutal dictatorship like Assad's creates a space for terrorism.
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Mindy Finn
Director of Digital Strategy for Mitt Romney’s 2008 Presidential Campaign. Founder and president of Empowered Women, a non-profit that works to diversify the conversation on feminist issues.
When you identify a problem before it becomes a catastrophe, that’s the best way to deal with national security issues.
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