You Might Believe in the Power of Love After Watching This

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Bob Marley (Photo: Keystone/Getty Images)
Bob Marley (Photo: Keystone/Getty Images)

The power of love is usually a wishful cliche. Yet sometimes, something happens that is so extraordinarily positive that we have to share it with you — cliche or not.

Most of our time at Clarion is spend exposing human rights abuses and agitating for change to make the world a better place. Here, we have just a little proof that could happen.

The following video is just a small light in what may seem like an endless night, but light it is.

A little background on the video, as reported in The Algemeiner: For the last 14 years, Israelis have held a Bob Marley festival to celebrate the music of the late reggae legend. Each year, the festival producers make a video featuring one of Marley’s classic songs.

This year to mark the festival, videographers filmed not only Israelis (including a gospel group composed of Israelis from Eritrea and Sudan as well as members of the Breslev Hasidic sect and children from an Arab school) singing Marley’s classic song “One Love,” but also children in Gaza and Iraq.

“[The Gaza children] knew they were filming an Israeli clip that would be broadcast on YouTube to the whole world,” said the video’s producer Bella Malkin, speaking to the news site Mako. “They were very enthusiastic about this idea and the possibility of sending a message of peace from Gaza.”

Malkin got the idea to film them after seeing news reports of children from Gaza who sent messages of peace to Israelis through carrier pigeons.

The Iraqi children were tapped to participate in the video by Lisa Miara, an Israeli woman who has spent most of her time in Iraq the past few years. Miara founded and runs Spring of Hope, an organization that rehabilitates kids rescued from ISIS.

You can read about Lisa Miara’s work on Clarion Project by clicking here

“To think that children who yesterday cut off heads under ISIS threat are today singing ‘One Love’ is maybe the most powerful thing I have experienced working with Marley’s songs,” Malkin said. “Lisa told me that these are the first words [these children] have learned in English, and when they filmed the clip they meant every word, and wanted to convey the message that we’re all human beings and we all want to sing and to love.”

Watch the video:



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