Potential Justin Bieber Concert Attacker Found Guilty

Pop star Justin Biebler performed at a concert in Manhattan
Pop star Justin Biebler performing at a concert in Manhattan. (Photo: Theo Wargo/Getty Images)

A UK teenager was convicted of preparing an ISIS-inspired terrorist attack in the Welsh capital the day of a Justin Bieber concert, the Independent reported.

The 17-year old, whose name could not be released for legal reasons, was radicalized online. The teenager wrote a letter detailing his plans to ram a car through crowds in Cardiff and then attack emergency services attending to the victims.

“I am a soldier of the Islamic State and I have attacked Cardiff today because your government keep on bombing targets in Syria and Iraq,” said the letter, which was written by hand.

“There will be more attacks in the future,” it continued.

The teenager was arrested with a concealed gutting knife and claw hammer. The letter featured bullets point reading “run down the non-believers with a car” and “strike the infidels, who oppose Allah, in the neck.”

The letter concluded, “In the name of Allah, may terrorism greet your country. May there be more bomb and vehicle attacks with Allah’s permission.”

Authorities say possible targets included the concert as well as Castle Quarter (a shopping district), New Theatre (a prime venue for children’s shows), the Capitol Shopping Centre and the Central Library.

An Islamist suicide bombing in Manchester at an Ariana Grande concert by 22-year old Salman Abedi in May 2017 killed 23 and wounded 512. Abedi’s homemade bomb was packed with shrapnel for maximum damage.



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