Portland to Pay Thousands to Antifa Militant

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Inset: Booking photo for James Mattox from a previous arrest in 2016. Background: Antifa protesters in Portland in June 2017 (Photo: Scott Olsen/Getty Images)
Inset: Booking photo for James Mattox from a previous arrest in 2016. Background: Antifa protesters in Portland in June 2017 (Photo: Scott Olsen/Getty Images)

The city council of Portland, Oregon approved a payment to an Antifa militant to settle a lawsuit brought against the city, reported The Post Millenial.

James Mathew Mattox, 31, was awarded $23,000 after claiming that police injured him and stifled his rights during an August 2018 riot in which Antifa members violently clashed with police and Right-wing protesters.

Mattox claimed in the lawsuit that he “posed no threat of violence.” However, before Mattox’s arrest, police had already confiscated numerous weapons from Antifa members that day.

While payments of this sort are routinely made for a variety of reasons – e.g., to avoid publicity and/or the costs of going to court — according to reporter Andy Ngo, himself a target of Antifa violence in the past, here are the circumstances of Mattox’s arrest:

“When left-wing protesters refused to clear the streets during the civil disturbance, police used pepper spray, rubber bullets and flash bangs to disperse the crowd.

“According to Mattox’s own lawsuit … he was masked, dressed in black bloc and carrying a shield with an anarchist symbol during the civil disturbance.

“As police were trying to disperse rioters, Mattox waved his shield and arms in the air, flipped off police and shouted profanities at them. The lawsuit says Mattox was first hit in the thigh with a rubber projectile fired by an officer. ‘Look you missed!’ Mattox taunted the police. A second rubber projectile was then allegedly fired, hitting his arm and causing a laceration.”

The lawsuit claims Mattox “suffered sharp pain, insomnia, and limitations in functioning and movement for weeks,” causing him to miss work.

While it may not be legally relevant to this case, Ngo uncovered that Mattox had a history of extolling those who shot and killed police officers.

Using the name “Jack Johnstone” (a prominent member of the early Communist party in America), Mattox made a number of profane posts on social media against the Portland police department. In the posts were a list of his “personal heroes,” including:

  • Christopher Dorner (responsible for shootings in Southern California in 2013 that targeted police and their families, killing four and wounding three)
  • Micah Johnson (a member of the New Black Panther Party who killed five police officers in 2016)
  • Gavin Long (responsible for shooting six police officers and killing three in Louisiana in 2016)

In March 2017, Mattox wrote in a post, “What people don’t understand is we’ve tried it [Portland Mayor] Ted’s way with no results. Now it’s our way.”

In a February 2018 post, he urged fellow Antifa members to “not disarm.” In the same post, he used the hashtag #SignsDontMakeTyrantsBleed.

Mattox was arrested a number of times during previous violent Antifa protests in Portland and was caught once on camera resisting arrest.

It is a shame that the city of Portland felt the need to settle this case and hand tens of thousands of dollars to someone with Mattox’s history.

Kudos to reporter Andy Ngo for uncovering the real record of James Mattox.



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