Poll Results: Should Trump Pull Our Troops Out of Syria

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Members of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), backed by US special forces, search a newly taken area near the central hospital of Raqa in October 2017. Raqa was the last remaining stronghold of ISIS (Photo: BULENT KILIC/AFP/Getty Images)
Members of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), backed by US special forces, search a newly taken area near the central hospital of Raqa in October 2017. Raqa was the last remaining stronghold of ISIS (Photo: BULENT KILIC/AFP/Getty Images)

After President Trump’s surprising announcement that we was pulling U.S. troops out of Syria, we polled you, our readers, for your opinion on the controversial move. Here are your answers (comments follow):

Note: Responders were allowed to vote for more than one answer.  


What do you think of President Trump’s decision to pull U.S. troops out of Syria?

  • 42 percent agreed, “American troops do not belong there. Good move.”
  • 50 percent agreed, “It is immoral to abandon our only allies, the Kurds, who will surely be slaughtered by Turkey.”
  • 38 percent agreed, “It destroys American credibility internationally.”
  • 35 percent agreed, “It is a folly, just as was the pullout from Iraq, which will cancel all the U.S.’ previous efforts in the region.”
  • 35 percent agreed, “The vacuum, which will be filled by Russia, Turkey and Iran, will harm American interests in the region for decades.”



The President has made a great decision!

It’s about time! USA, USA, USA first!!

The only concern I have is the fate of the Kurds and the imperialist intentions of Turkey.

 The money filling the Dems bank accounts from their Mil Complex deals will be fun to watch.  Trump plans to spend the money more wisely. Like on America itself and build the border wall. GO TRUMP

Trump knows best!

Finally…and THANK GOD! Russia can now destroy us – last thing we needs is war with them. #MAGA

It is correct to withdraw now. The Islamic State was always taking the existence of the American troops in Syria and Afghanistan as an excuse for their attacks. Now enough is enough.

I don’t know the answer. All I know is billions squandered on plutocrats and their lobbyists, and countless American lives destroyed, and for what?

The move to be there in the first place is unconstitutional.

We have our military stationed all over the world and most are our friends like England, France and Germany. A few remaining troops in Syria may help save lives. What is the big deal of leaving them?

I have always believed the region needs to figure out things themselves. Why can’t rich nations like Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates step in. The world has got to stop relying on the USA to fix their problems.

While I am concerned about the Kurds, it’s way past time the U.S. stopped being the world’s policeman and enriching the Military Industrial Complex with constant wars and meddling – THAT has destroyed U.S. credibility!

 If other countries don’t like the US pull-out from Syria, let them send their militaries in. Who decided it was the job of the U.S. to spend the lives of its children and trillions of dollars to police the world? And there are few places the U.S. has meddled that haven’t ended up worse in the long term.

Not a good move. Trump’s done a lot of good things in such a short time, this isn’t one of them.

I read that the Saudis and the UAE stepped in to take over for America to help the Kurds.  I think that is a good plan. 

God said to Abraham, the father of Israel, I will bless those who bless you and curse those who curse you.  We have just cursed Israel.

We are not the world’s police. Time for every country to defend their borders.

Though I would like to see America keep a check on Russia/Iran and Turkey expansionism, America cannot be the policeman of the world. Sometime or other, she will have to leave the region. The cost financially as well as the cost in human lives are not worth it. America has too many enemies (China, Russia, Turkey and Iran) to stand alone against all of them. Eventually Israel will be alone as prophesied in the Scriptures. 

There is a long history of our involvement in this region that people don’t know or will not take time to learn.

Pulling out of Syria is not like our withdrawal from Iraq. Syria has been governed by the Assads (father now son) since the 1960s. Their Ba’ath party is secular, nationalist, socialist. They have been an ally of the Soviet Union, now Russia for generations. Their secular government was a better atmosphere for Christians than a Muslim, radical regime likely to take power if Obama had his way. It was the height of folly to send U.S. troops to Syria where they are likely to clash with Russian forces protecting their longtime ally. Nothing good can come of such flirting with the possibility of armed conflict with Russia.

We only have one true ally, Israel, and one questionable ally, Saudi Arabia in that entire region. As soon as the rebels in Syria got what they wanted out of the U.S., they, like every Islamic group we have helped to date, will turn on us and be chanting death to America.  Their civil war is not our business, and we have bigger problems in Europe, and throughout Central and South America that need dealing with. We have to focus on the massive problem down south, and our European & Asian allies, since they have proven to be mostly reliable. Syria was handed to Iran by Obama, and we can’t stop that now, no matter how many resources we throw at it. That entire region has been at war for at least 1400 years, and it isn’t going to stop now.

Sending troops to fight in a conflict with no clear and quantifiable objective is shameful.  Troops are not toys.  If it is so desirable to fight there, where are the large numbers of Western mercenaries?  It’s easy to send others to fight where one would not go themselves.

I am 74 and all my life this country has been squandering money and lives in countries that have a completely different way of life than do we. I for one think it is time to leave, no one invited us there and many countries in the Middle East despise us and our way of life.  We should leave, we are not ordained to be the peace keepers of the world.

We keep turning our backs on the Kurds.  Shame, Shame America!

Should never have decided to leave without a clear plan to provide other assistance. Clearly, Erdogan wants power like Saddam Hussein and Hitler. Trump just gave Turkey a $3B deal to buy weapons to use against our allies, the Kurds. Erdogan continues to erode the secular values of Turkey, usurping the public’s power to be freely represented by officials. Erdogan is a dictator, with the U.S. now as his lapdog for weapons and concessions. I was there, I know. 

The Kurds were not treated fairly in the previous administration and now this one. I am ashamed that we are pulling out leaving them unassisted.

We didn’t belong there in the first place. We have placed ISIS in a position where Syria can handle them.



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