Should Non-Muslim Kids ‘Pray’ in Mosques?

Dutch non-Muslim children "praying" in a mosque.
Dutch non-Muslim children “praying” in a mosque. (Video screenshot)

Earlier this week we asked for your views on our post about non-Muslim children in Holland being taken to a mosque on a school trip and shown how to pray.

Thousands of you took part in the poll and commented. Here’s what you told us.

46.9% wouldn’t want your child going on such a trip.

33.1% said church and state must be separated at all costs.

17% believe it’s fine to visit but wrong to make children actually take part in “mock prayers.”

2.3% maintain it’s important to understand other religions.

Just 0.6% said you don’t have a strong view on this.


Your Comments

  • The schools have no business interfering in a parent’s responsibilities.
  • Religion was removed from public schools back in the 1960’s. Separate church from state.
  • Teaching kids how to pray in any religion in a school setting is inappropriate.
  • This is not OK. I believe learning about religion should be done as an adult.
  • It’s OK to include religion as part of history and social studies, but trips to churches, mosques, etc. have no place in the schools’ curriculum.
  • I think to see how they pray at a single school trips and to try out of free will is okay.
  • Imagine if the Muslim kids in Holland were asked to go to a church and participate in a “mock baptism!”
  • We are losing our minds and OUR heritage. College age exploration is OK.
  • Conditioning my children not allowed.



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David Harris
David Harris is the editor in chief of Clarion Project.

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