Poll Results: Moscow Car Ramming Was Deliberate

(Illustrative photo: Flickr/101ABN/https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-nd/2.0/legalcode)
(Illustrative photo: Flickr/101ABN/https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-nd/2.0/legalcode)

Amid calls by Islamic State for lone wolf attacks on the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Moscow, a taxi driver near Red Square swerved onto the sidewalk and ran over a crowd of people. Seven people were injured including two soccer fans from Mexico.

The driver carried a license issued in Kyrgyzstan, a Muslim-majority country which was once part of the Soviet Union. This is, of course, no proof that the incident was an Islamist terror attack.

However, almost immediately, the mayor of Moscow issued a statement on Twitter saying, “There was an unpleasant incident with a taxi. The driver lost control of the vehicle.”

We asked our readers to watch a video (see below) of the incident and answer the following question: “Do you think this was a deliberate attack or an accident?”

Our point was that, if this was an Islamist terror attack, pretending it was an accident does not make the problem go away.

Poll Results:

  • 97.4 percent said it looked like a deliberate attack
  • 1 percent said it was most likely an accident
  • 1.6 percent said it was impossible to tell


Why call it an accident? To keep it out of the news. I hadn’t heard about it.

Don’t think this can be candy coated.

If it was an accident, why did he continue to run down more people? Because that is what jihadists are supposed to do.

No way was that an accident, so stop the bullshit Russia.

I fail to see how a vehicle nears a standstill and then suddenly makes a hard turn could be viewed as “losing control.”

Wake up Russia….

Outwardly, they may say it was not a terrorist attack, but I am sure internal rigorous investigations for terror attack will be carried out.

As in almost all countries, they turn a blind eye to the real possibilities. No one knows what the motivations were, and certainly not that fast without a proper interrogation or interview of the suspect.

Drivers who are able to run away from the scene are able to control their driving. Not likely that he was having a physical issue making him to cause an accident.

Car made a right, then left turn after accelerating from a stopped position. This is absolutely deliberate. Running away from scene is absolutely deliberate.

In a perceived accident, by-standers tend to the injured; in a perceived threat/attack, by-standers go after the perpetrator.

Deliberate. Let us not be stupid.

An immediate comment from the authorities is out of line. The driver should first be interrogated and THEN a decision made as to whether it was an accident or deliberate action. It certainly appears to be deliberate. Why would the driver attempt to escape the scene if it was an accident?

Radical Islam is pure political terror and human barbarism … not ANY kind of religion! Only when we wake up and tell the truth will we be able to defend ourselves and destroy this insane cult of hatred. Until then, they will continue to flourish in the timid shadow of our political correctness.

The Russian government said he was drunk. I never saw a drunk run like that in all my life!

Political correctness will be our doom.



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