Poll Results: Islam Course in NJ School

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From a cartoon depicting the 'Five Pillars of Islam'
From a cartoon depicting the ‘Five Pillars of Islam,’ a video in school curriculums (Photo: video screenshot)

We reported earlier this week about a New Jersey mother who is suing officials and teachers in her son’s middle school for subjecting the children to Islamist propaganda and explicit calls to convert to Islam in a course on the Islamic religion. No other religion was being taught in this public school to their children except for Islam.

We showed our readers one of the videos in the curriculum (see below), then asked them to take our poll. Here are results with comments following:

When asked, “Do you think the video shown to middle schools students should be part of a public school curriculum?”

  • 2.7 percent said, “Yes, the video teaches the basic principles of Islam, a valid topic for study”
  • 97.3 percent said, “No, the video amounts to indoctrination and represents a violation of First Amendment rights”

Here is a sampling of the comments we received:

It completely glosses over the gross excesses of Islam and its inherent racism. It also doesn’t mention the growing number of Muslims who crave a reformed Islam without these excesses.

No religions should be taught in schools. Period. 

Yes…. IF Judaism and Christianity are also given the same treatment. NO if Islam is the only religion taught. 

Blatant indoctrination with zero factual information offered to back up their claims. If this is allowed then we must allow all faiths and religions to be taught in schools. BUT faith and religion should not be taught in schools. What ever happened to Reading, Writing and Arithmetic ?

Sheer propaganda 

I’m Jewish. We don’t push Judaism on anyone. This is offensive. 

Don’t force Islam on others, especially a captive audience of children. If children want to know about Islam let them research on their own time outside of a school curriculum. 

Until my Catholic faith can be taught just as in-depth as this curriculum to the same class, then keep the current separation of church and state. 

If this had been a Christian indoctrination program like this Islamist one, we wouldn’t even be writing about it. It would never have been allowed and we certainly would not be writing about what should happen next. This is further proof Islam is a supremacist, theocratic religion and will always be a threat as long as criticism of Islam is regarded as Islamophobia. 

At the very least this violates First Amendment rights. It is wrong on so many other levels as well. 

This doesn’t belong in a secular classroom. It would make someone of a different faith uncomfortable. 

Where is equal time for Christianity? [If this course was about Christianity], liberals would be loudly screaming about separation of church and state.  

I can’t imagine any school board allowing a 5-minute positive indoctrination of Christianity like was allowed in Chatham, New Jersey for Islam. 

Holy smoke, this video is represented as fact with no disclaimers whatsoever. 

A gross violation of separation of religion and state. I’m grateful I’m not raising my children in a public school environment! 

My tax dollars should not be spent on such propaganda. Teach the students how to read, write, multiply and divide and let the parents be responsible for their children’s choice of religion 

Why are secular educators going along with this? This is what confounds me.


Here is one of the videos in the curriculum:



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