Poll Results: Flying the ISIS Flag on Campus

Yesterday, we posted a video showing how American college student at the University of California, Berkeley reacted to someone on campus waving the American flag and then the ISIS flag.

If you missed the video, you can watch it below.

Then we asked for your reactions in a poll. Here are the results:

  • Say “Heck. It’s a student prank” and walk on –1.8 %
  • Think it’s a terror attack and run away/attack the flag bearer –7 %
  • Call the police and report this as incitement — 47.4 %
  • Call the college authorities to complain — 23.2 %
  • Photo the incident and post to social media with your comments on the issue — 15.4 %
  • Think it’s a political protest and it’s their Constitutional right — 5.2 %

Here are some of your comments:

I would photo the participants.  The Islamic State is inciting attacks on kids. If someone will fly their flag, who knows what else they might do. I would then send the photos to the FBI with date time and location and hope Mueller isn’t still paranoid of being Islamophobic and might actually investigate real criminals and terrorists.          

People in the USA do not realize what they have until they lose it. After, they will discover that very few people in the world are better off than they are.

I would start to pray for our country because we are on the verge of losing our freedom. If Americans speak out against any other religion or culture they are labelled as haters … If these people had been brought up in Nazi Germany, in the death camps maybe they would appreciate what is been freely given them now.

Tell them that they and the [ISIS] flag are not welcome in this country. It represents violence hate and murder! 

Go to the worthless, entitled punk and grab the flag daring the idiot to do something about it! And then notify police.  

I would consider the flying of the ISIS flag to be treason. ISIS is a sworn enemy of the U.S. No question. Treason.              

Call college, police and news station.

Ask the flag waver if they know about ISIS/Daesh           

Hold my own protest next to them informing all that it is a terrorist flag and ask them to just leave our great country for their terrorist ridden dump they are supporting!

If safe to do so, approach the person/people and question what they are doing and what their intent is.              

Try to get their name so I could report them to the FBI as a potential terrorist     

Talk to the guy and ask him what he’s doing and if he truly believes it. AND call the college authorities to complain.         

The constitutional right far outweighs any other consideration. That their right is guaranteed because they live in a democracy would probably be lost on the useful idiots performing the protest

I would not only report it as an incitement, but as an overt act of sedition as ISIS advocates the violent overthrow of the Constitution, government, and nation of the United States and of the entire Western world.      

This says more about the universities than the students.

Every Empire rises to its zenith then collapses. The students are just the rot and detritis that will cause the fall.   

Watch the video:


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Meira Svirsky
Meira Svirsky is the editor of ClarionProject.org

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