Poll Result: Integration Does Not Reduce Risk of Radicalization

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(Image: Pixabay)
(Image: Pixabay)

Clarion readers believe better integration of Muslim immigrants into their new environment does not necessarily lead to a reduce risk of radicalization.

We asked the question after a poll from Pew suggested the more you know Muslim individuals, the more likely you are to view Muslims positively – in Western Europe at least.

We asked:

Does integration of Muslim immigrants reduce the risk of radicalization?

Yes: 32.17%
No: 67.83%

Your Comments (click on the arrows to scroll through):

No, case in point, Boston bombers.

Muslims never really integrate or assimilate. They don’t consider themselves to be citizens of any of the non-Muslim countries to which they have immigrated, but to be citizens only and exclusively of the ummah, the world Muslim community best exemplified by the O.I.C (the Organization of Islamic Cooperation) a group of 57 Islamic states and the Palestinian Authority. I answered “no” to the above question because Muslims are forbidden from integrating with non-Muslims

Should read integration BY Muslims.

I have no faith in our leaders to actually put in place real integration of the Muslims.

I’ve worked with a number of them for years and I’ve lived among them. You don’t really know them until you spent  spent time around them when they are around their own.

I would like to think Yes to your question Does integration of Muslim immigrants reduce the risk of radicalization? But integration is not that easy to attain when generally in all walks of life ‘Birds of a feather stick together’. Very gradually people are learning to be more accepting of anyone who is “different” from them but only to the degree where that difference does not step on their way of thinking or being…

Yes, on condition that with integration, is meant that accepting Western democratic norms and values.


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