Poll: Five Percent of Turks Support Islamic State

Nearly ten percent of Turks do not think the Islamic State is a terrorist group and more than five percent agree with their actions according to a poll carried by an Ankara based think tank and reported by the Thomas Reuters Foundation.

The study was entitled Turkey's Social Trends Survey, and used a sample size of 1,500. Extrapolating the figures to the rest of the population of Turkey gives a figure of around 7 million who do not think of the Islamic State as a terrorist group, with 3.5 million people supporting the Islamic State’s actions.

These figures come as it was revealed that the suicide bomber who killed 11 people in Istanbul on Tuesday, mostly tourists, was an Islamic State member who had entered the country posing as a refugee.

The situation is further complicated by the struggle between the Turkish government and the Kurdish separatist group the PKK. A car bomb went off today in the southern city of Diyarbakir, killing five and injuring 39. The city has seen fighting between Kurdish militants and Turkish soldiers since a ceasefire between the government and the PKK broke down late last year.

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