Playstation Bomber Stands Trial as EuroJihad Rises

A 15-year old boy charged with downloading bomb-making plans onto his playstation and conspiring to join Islamist terrorist groups in Syria has gone on trial in Austria.

He is charged with supporting a terrorist organization and planning to carry out a terrorist attack.

State prosecutors allege the boy, who has not been named because of his age, was in contact with Islamic State recruiters online and planned to carry out an attack in Vienna before his departure. He was 14-years old at the time of his arrest.

If convicted, he could be sentenced for up to five years in jail.

Elsewhere in Europe, the Mayor of Antwerp received a threat demanding he convert to Islam or he will be killed, according to local media reports. The mayor, Bart De Wever, told reporters he has no intention of converting.

The threat has not yet been confirmed as genuine.

In neighboring Holland, a group of parents whose children travelled Syria to join the jihadis fighting there are suing the state for failing to prevent their children from leaving the country.

One of the parents in the suit, Mohammed Nidalha, told reporters that he had specifically informed police that his 20-year old son was planning to join the Islamic State in Syria, but that no action was taken. His son has since been killed.

The parents allege that in all of the cases, the authorities were notified before the journey but took no action.

An estimated 10 Dutch citizens have been killed fighting in Syria this year. 

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