Phoenix Man Arrested for Plotting Attack on Midnight Mass

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An Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL) supporter was arrested in Phoenix last week for plotting a jihadi attack, very likely on a midnight mass.

Derrick Thompson, who goes by the name of Abu Talib Am-Amriki, tried to buy a gun to carry out attacks as early as January 2015, however, since he was a convicted felon, he was prohibited from purchasing a firearm.

Thompson was released in 2013 from prison after being convicted of committing two armed robberies in 2005. Thompson was armed with a handgun and an SKS rifle with a bayonet when he and two other men committed the robberies over a two-day period.

Since 2014, he was been an “avowed jihadist,” posting on his Google+ account in October, “We need to get down with this ISIS S***.”

During the same month, Thompson used Google to search for key words including “midnight mass,” “martyrdom vs. suicide” and “most powerful weapons.”

Thompson’s arrest follows the conviction of 18-year-old Mahim Khan, also of Arizona, who was sentenced to eight-and-a half years in prison for planning to attack a motor vehicle office in Phoenix, as well as a possible attack on a Jewish community center. Kahn pleaded guilty to charges of terrorism, conspiracy to commit terrorism and conspiracy to commit misconduct involving weapons.

Khan had been in touch with a member of ISIS online.


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Meira Svirsky

Meira Svirsky is the editor of ClarionProject.org

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